QUESTION: What is a "PK (MMI) Party"?

ANSWER: Spoon bending parties were started in California in the 1960s by Jack Houck, a mechanical and aerospace engineer. He was interested in showing people that everyone has the ability to perform mind-matter interaction by letting them bend silverware into curlicues and a variety of other shapes that are beyond what is capable by physical force alone. Indeed some metal strips which were sealed inside glass bottles at the party were seen to bend not only during the party, but for several days afterward as well. Houck thinks the same energy can be used for healing purposes, and is available to us all. PK parties have about a 85% first time success rate, with the key being not to get overly analytical. His three step program is:

  • FIRST: Make a mental connection with the target (or spoon)
  • SECOND: Command your intention (he recommends shouting "Bend")
  • THIRD: Let go mentally (distract yourself or think of something else for a moment)

Mr. Houck also recommends "asking" your target item if it is will to bend for you before you start, using a pendulum. This is a clever way of accessing the unconscious mind, and checking whether it is willing to bend the item, or not. The short, positive, present tense command used ("Bend") is also a hypnotic technique which seems to work well with the unconscious mind. Many experimenters have commented on the fact that the unconscious mind seems to be what really controls or mediates our access to psi abilities, so using techniques designed to enlist its cooperation seem very smart. The party atmosphere is very helpful in making people feel comfortable doing mind-matter interaction.

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