QUESTION: What should I do if I get a premonition of something bad happening?

ANSWER: It is always very disturbing to have a premonition of something bad that might happen in the future. People often ask me what they should do. The answer to that is something each of us must answer for ourselves. However, the answer may become more clear if you ask yourself certain questions.

First, is it a real premonition or a product of your own fears and imagination? This is a problem with all psychic information. The unconscious mind need not just filter and distort information, it can create it from scratch. So, you always have to ask yourself what is the true source--psychic or internal? If you think it is a real premonition, it is time to consider the next question.

Second, is there anything you can do about the event you foresee? If this is something under your control, such as a car accident, then the prudent thing might be to treat the premonition as a warning and change things. However, much of the time, you have insufficient knowledge or power to influence things. This can be very disturbing. It is critical to recognize that having a premonition by itself does not make you responsible for the events that you foresee. This is particularly true if it is a large scale event. However, there are two things anyone can do, which I see as options that may not help but certainly can't hurt.
  1. You can register your premonition with the Central Premonitions Registry at serves two purposes. First, if you are accurate, you can develop a track record that adds to your credibility and increases the likelihood that others will listen you to in the future. Secondly, if a lot of others are having, and reporting, the same premonition, word of it is likely to get to those who might have the ability to change things.
  2. If you are comfortable with your own psychic abilities, there is another thing you can do. Visualize or imagine things occurring with a different, more positive outcome. Will it make a difference? Perhaps not. But perhaps it will. Consciousness is capable of influencing reality, particularly when minds are banded together. However, each of us has some power and influence, which we can use as we will. Doing so in meditation, with a focused mind, gives one the best chance of making a difference. However, because reality is co-created, it is not our fault if we fail. All we can do is try. But by trying, we can at least feel less helpless.

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