QUESTION: How do you spiritually clean a house?

ANSWER: There are times when it's helpful to be able to clean the energy of a place. An old-fashioned thorough house-cleaning (maybe moving some furniture around to change the energy) will do a lot for you. But if you need something more, try checking out the book Spiritual Cleansing by Draja Mickaharic. This is a terrific reference source for techniques anyone can use to change the energy in a room or aid spiritual cleaning. This is one of the few I've seen that considers the cultural beliefs of the spirit you are trying to get rid of. This page will include some simple suggestions for house cleansing, written with the help  of a number of people, including Mary Lynn Schatke, Heather Blome, and Dorothy O'Donnell.

Dorothy O'Donnell's Sample House Cleansing
(Webmaster of the New Zealand Ghosts website).

"Before starting this, walk around the house and open all the internal doors including toilet and bathroom.

In the rooms with most activity light a scented candle, doesn't matter what type, (except black) or burn an incense stick (lavender or sandlewood).

While the incense is burning go fill a pail with warm water, and add about 4 tablespoons of sea salt stir till dissolved.

If the house is two stories, start up at the top and work your way down.

With a clean damp sponge from the salted water, wipe around the highest point of access first; usually the door to the attic or the trapdoor to the loft. Then move to each room wipe around the bottom of the window frames. Then do the door frames and across the bottom of the open door. Work your way around the house, so all rooms including bathroom, toilet and laundry are done.

When you work on the ground floor, start from the back door (Leave this door closed) and work to the front door. The front door should be the last place wiped with the salted water.

At this point all the doors and window frames in the house should have been wiped with the salted water. All the internal doors are open except the back and front door.

Now open the door the family most often use to enter and exit the house. One door only; front or back. Outside this door leave the remains of any salt water in the bucket.

When this is done go back to the top of the house and work you way through each room one at a time. Repeat one of the following two prayers in each of the rooms and once at the top of the stairs.

The same thing is repeated on the ground floor; walk from room to room repeating one only of the two prayers.

You should now be at the last open door (front or back) step outside and repeat the prayer for the last time.

Take any remains of the salt water in the bucket and dispose of them in an outside drain (Not on the property). Or sprinkle the remains along the boundary fence.

Then I will say a prayer. Here are two, one christian, one less specific:


The first one is Christian:

Bless this house oh lord I pray
Protect it from all evil way
Bless the folk who call it home
A refuge safe for them alone
Place around these walls your light
Your warmth and hope; power and might.
Against this house may none prevail
And no one in it loose or fail
To you oh Lord all glory be,
both now and for eternity.
This house we leave with you alone
Let heaven call its people home.
     (Author unknown)

The second is non-religious or non-denominational (the one I most often use).

Touch the lintel
Touch the walls.
Nothing but blessings, here befall.
Bless the candle
That stands by itself.
Bless the book on the mantle shelf.
Bless the pillows for the tired head.
Bless the hearth and the warmth it shed.
Spirits who tarry let them know
A three fold blessing before they go.
Sleep for weariness, peace for sorrow
Tracing yesterday and tomorrow
Grant them go from here to there.
A blessing of hope where ever they fair.
Lintel and window
Doors and walls
Nothing but good; This place befall.
     (Author Unknown)

Now I know that this works. I have used it on many, many occasions. Without failure.

Make it a family experience, but if you do it as a family, keep the atmosphere light and friendly. If you make a big deal of it, you could frighten the kids. Within hours of using this cleansing you should notice a difference."

Variations on House Cleansing
Some people would suggest cracking open a window or door to the outside BEFORE starting the cleansing to encourage any spirits to leave peacefully. (Mary Lynn Schatke)

A pinch of sea salt salt can be placed over every lintel--whether a doorway or a window--and in the corner of every room. Don't forget the closets! (Some people have been known to put a pinch of salt of the back of the neck of those thought to be possessed to encourage the spirits to go.) Spirits don't seem to like the vibration that sea salt sets up. (Mary Lynn Schatke & Pamela Heath)

You can smudge the rooms, closets, hallways, stairwells, and basements (opening a basement window or door) with sage beginning at the top of the house and working your way down. You may also want to smudge the people who live in the house. (Mary Lynn Schatke)

Another variation is to first clean the house thoroughly, physically (old-fashioned mop and bucket, dust, and vacuum). Then go from the top to bottom using candles, incense, and prayer, remembering to clap everywhere, especially in all the closed spaces and corners (with the idea that the vibrations will disrupt the old energy). (Heather Blome)

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