QUESTION: How can I do psychic healing?

ANSWER: Please note that psychic healing does NOT replace traditional medicine! If you have appendicitis, you're better off getting your appendix out the good old-fashioned way by surgery. However, where anomalous healing can work really well, is as a way of augmenting traditional medical care, or speeding up healing.

BEFORE YOU START: Psychic healing is no different than any other form of work in that it should always start with the following basics:
  1. Protection: The first thing you should always do is protect yourself! Surround yourself with white light. Ask for additional protection from the spirit guides that are present. Some will also say a prayer or sing a hymn. I like to set the intention by mentally stating "I am surrounded and protected by white light. Nothing but good can come to me. Nothing but good can go from me." Then do the same thing for your patient. Say they are surrounded and protected by white light. Nothing but good can go to them. Nothing but good can come from them.
  2. Centering and grounding: After you are protected you need to balance and ground yourself. I visualize a gold cord going from the core of my being to the center of the Earth. Then I visualize a second cord, which is silver, going from me to the highest point of inspiration for those of the light (whatever that may be). I take a moment to feel that balance.
  3. Ask permission: This may be hard to understand, but some people have their illnesses for a reason -- ask for permission before you blindly interfere!If you can't ask them in person, you can still ask the individual's guides if it's okay to do the work, or visualize their spirit and ask whether they would like you to try to help or not. If they say no or shake their head, respect their wishes. Any energy you sent will probably be rejected by them, and even if it were to get through, might not have the effect you intended.
Once these basic steps are completed, there are a nearly infinite number of ways you can heal, from the very simple to the complex.

It is important thing to remember is that you don't need to understand how healing occurs to have it happen. You can use whatever technique "feels" best or easiest to you at the time. There is no one right way or best way to work. All of these methods involve a light trance state where the mind can be focused.

Hands on healing:
I have never found working in person to be more effective to distance work, although I sometimes do it if I am feeling lazy (it takes less concentration). There are many different ways to perform hands-on healing or the balancing of energy (including polarity therapy), however will mention two basic techniques.
  1. Hold your palms over whatever body part you are trying to heal and send energy. The traditional "laying on of hands," often this can be felt by both the healer and the patient variously as heat, energy, cold, or tingling. This has the disadvantages that it can drain the healer and risks whatever disease the patient has passing onto them. I don't recommend it, although sometimes when I'm feeling lazy I've been known to do it because it's so easy. You don't even have to focus. The more they need or accept your healing, the more energy you'll feel flow. As they are healed, you'll feel it draw less energy from you. It's usually obvious when to quit.
  2. Use your hands over (not touching) the patients body to help you redistribute the energy flow until it feels balanced. This can be combined with imagining energy flowing directly into the patient from the universe.
WARNING: I was taught you should never try to heal others when you are sick because it's possible to pass your illness on to them.

A FINAL NOTE: I do not recommend substituting anomalous healing for allopathic care. It is best used as an adjunct. As my teacher used to say, if you have a headache, take an aspirin. Use what is easy and consistent.

Distant healing:
These are just a few of a great many techniques that you can use for distant healing.
  1. Visualize the patient as simply being well, perhaps even bursting with energy and good health.
  2. Visualize yourself standing in front of the patient. As you breathe out, they breathe in. Then when they breathe out, you breathe their air in. Imagine yourself becoming as one.
  3. Imagine white light and/or whatever color you associate with healing coming directly from the universe and surrounding your patient, completely filling and healing every cell in their body. I have found some types of illness respond better to particular colors. For example, fungal infections seem to respond better to purple light. Often I use a pale blue. If they need emotional healing, I always use pink energy, for love.
  4. Visualize the entire process of wound healing or recovery from the illness (which I only recommend for those who can do this effortlessly). However, please note that most studies show people are more effective when focusing on the desired outcome, not the process of what it takes to get there.
  5. Imagine a musical note of just the right pitch resonating the patients body and healing it completely. (If you are used to Mental Plane work, this can also be done as rewriting the patient's mathematical formula).
  6. Imagine the illness as a color. See yourself pulling it out of the patient, and transforming that color to something else (or letting it flow into the ground). Then add healing color/energy to replace what you took out. Some people use their hands to assist in this visualization.
For healing yourself when you are ill, I use the following technique after I have performed the usual basics of shielding, grounding, or centering. Place the hand you receive energy best from (for most people their left hand) over your solar plexus, the hand you send energy out of best at the back of the head (the occiput), and perform the following visualization. As you breathe in, imagine pulling energy directly from the universe, into your hand that rests on the solar plexus, through your arm, and across your shoulders to your other arm. As you breathe out, imagine that energy flowing out of your hand on the back of your head and into your aura as a pale blue wave that flows around whatever body part you are trying to heal. Focus on doing this for several minutes. This technique was passed on to me by spiritualist healer Mary Smiley. I find if I perform it in a light trance state at night, that not a lot of time is required to be able to wake up fully recovered or healed. It really works well!

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