QUESTION: What do psychics say about working with police? (Part I - Noreen Renier)

ANSWER: I asked a number of psychics and remote viewers what they would tell other intuitives who are interested in police work.  These are the answers I got from people who have been there, done that, and know the ropes.


Intuitive detective Noreen Renier is well-known for her work with the FBI and police from around the world, Noreen is also the author of a wonderful new book, A Mind for Murder, which talks about some of her cases and what it's like to work with law enforcement. See her site at for more information. She was gracious enough to give me some of her time, and made some excellent observations about doing police work.

1. How did you get started in police work? I was grabbed. I had just started being psychic, didn't know much. I was teaching. I didn't want to teach, either! And a college grabbed me for a continuing education course. I didn't even know much what I was saying or how it would help. Then, I started lecturing at different colleges. And there was a series of rapes. A serial rapist was on the loose. I wouldn't do this now, but I gave some clues to my class. And a reporter heard about it and wrote it up and it got out. Now I would be more scared, because they gave my clues out before the person was arrested. But the police heard about it, and the FBI, and they got in touch with me. Fortunately, I was young and didn't know much, so they [law enforcement agents] taught me. They told me what they wanted, what to do. I did a lot of work for them. I also worked with some parapsychologists from the Parapsychology Foundation, and they taught me a lot.

2. How do you do police cases? Typically, I'm called in 2, 5, 20 years later, after the crime. Not right away. Hopefully, that won't be the case in the future. I found I've rather not be around the cops, because of telepathy. I do cases from all over the world. So, I do 90% of my work by phone. I don't want a lot of information. I don't want to know what the police think. If they were right they would have found the person. I don't even know the last name. I don't know how they're killed. They send me an actual object. A shoe. Some clothing. Something from the crime. And I want to touch it. I'm a psychometrist. I go into a semi-trance, or an altered state, but it's not "me." And I can be anyone. The victim. The perpetrator. An observer. I'll play each of them out. I can be all of them, one perspective at a time. I get asked a question and just get an answer. I try to give as much accurate information as possible with as few mistakes. I always describe the person and what they looked like alive, and how they died because you have to show them you're psychic. So, I don't just say who did it. I forget two seconds after I say it. There's no emotion and I don't have any recall afterward. I don't do too much interpretation. I don't always know what the numbers are associated with. I may get 35, but not know if it's 35 miles or 35 minutes. Hopefully, it will come to me. So everything has to be transcribed to be checked over later. I have over 400 cases. And Court TV is going through all the files and everything is right but they didn't always know where it belonged. I have a doctor who helps, she questions me. It's easier. A session lasts about 45-60 minutes. I also have an artist who can draw the face. We tape it and transcribe everything for them. They might need two sessions for a case, they might not. I won't have the family around if I'm working with the police. I don't want them to go into shock if I see the body and they hoped they were still alive. And the telepathy thing can be very strong. There's not a question of timeliness. The police are calling me. I can't put it off.

3. What's your take on charging? I charge. Everyone is suspicious of what's free. They don't trust it. If you're professional you charge. I mean, maybe, rarely, I do if they beg me enough. But I haven't raised my police price for 10-15 years.

4. What's the best way for others to break into police work? You need a track record and it's not that hard to build, you just have to work in your own backyard. People are always losing objects and animals. You have to practice. Eventually, you'll get known. People will hear that you're good and they'll come to you.

5. What are your do's and don'ts? Do be specific. What they need is not an image but what it means. You have to be very, very specific. Don't solicit your abilities. It makes everyone look foolish when everyone gets a different thing. Don't give up. There are so many aspects of fun to it [psi]. You can use your abilities in so many useful ways, don't limit yourself to detective work. If you can't do that, there are other wonderful ways to be psychic, like healing.

6. Is there any difference working with the FBI? They are more self-assured.

7. What helps you most? The object. I do psychometry. Although, it doesn't even matter that much. I've done cases where I couldn't find the object and I needed to do the read, because they're calling me. And I can still do it. And, of course, remote viewers may just get some numbers, so they don't need anything.

8. What hinders you? They do everything wrong half the time anyway. They don't know how to work with us. No multiple choices, just questions. One way to help them understand how to work with you, is to give them a letter that provides them with some basic information. I have a sample of what I give police at That way, they have a better idea what to expect and how to get the best information out of me. (NOTE: everyone should read what's on this link, it's a terrific source of basis do's and don'ts, equally pertinent for psychics and law enforcement alike.)

9. What was the most surprising thing to you about doing police work? I was doing homicide when I first started. And I knew I could do that. But the first time they wanted me to find a plane, I didn't want to. I mean, I even lose my car keys. And they wanted me to find something? But found out I could find people and things.

10. Do you ever feel threatened? No. I have no fear. I've been working with bad guys in my head for a long time, now. And I'm surrounded by objects from crimes, people's pain. But I figure I'm psychic enough that if there was danger, I would pick it up. So, I don't worry.

11. What recommendations would you make for those who want to do intuitive detective work? Practice new techniques. Make sure there are games you can play to prove you're still on. Practice looking at faces and being able to describe them accurately to an artist. A way you can do this is to practice describing the faces that you see on TV, etc. Glance at the face briefly, then try to describe it. Do they have upturned eyebrows? What kind of eyes? Hair? If you want to be good at this, constantly practice.

12. What should you NOT do if you want to get into intuitive detective work? First of all, DON'T solicit your abilities. The police hate it when people call. A wonderful learning lesson for me, in Virginia, was a high profile case. The police got hundreds of calls from people who said they were psychic. And they didn't know what to do with them, so they started just passing the calls all on to me. And I could see what the problem was. Each one was totally different. One would say the person was dead, and another that they were alive and hiding in Alaska. If I had been a cop, I would have been totally discouraged, too, and felt that all psychics were frauds. It's hundreds upon hundreds of calls, all different. And how can you sort them out? You can't. And I have met my share of frauds--they exist. Unless they [the psychic] have some background or credibility the police don't know who to listen to. But fortunately it's easy to get a track record as a psychic. Just don't start with the high profile cases. Start local. You can help your friends. Work with neighbors, local victims, not high profile.

13. What do you think most people don't understand when they get into this? It's a lot of hard work. It's not that glamorous. Unless you're making headlines every day people forget you. It's slow People forget you. I've starved more than I've made money. You don't make money at this.

14. What do you think is the future of intuitive detecting work? How I did it 25 years ago doesn't exist today. Psychics were still in the closet 25 years ago. I'm not going to hide who I am, not when I'm good at it. But it's different now. People are more open about it. It may not be a long-term career for amateurs. Eventually I think that in the future only professionals who work for departments or the government will be doing psychic work.

15. Any other thoughts? I turn down cases if they are closed by the police. The family may not be happy if it's declared a suicide, but the police won't reopen it, and it will only cause more pain if you tell the family something that stirs things up. So, I stay away from it. You don't have a lot of chances with the cops. You have one shot. That's all.

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