QUESTION: What is remote viewing?

ANSWER: Remote viewing was originally a term indicating a specific technique was used to acquire remote information from a distance. However, rightly or wrongly, recent years have seen it sometimes inappropriately used to refer to just about any kind of clairvoyance.

Originally developed by Ingo Swann in conjunction with the military for psychic spying, Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) is a rigorous technique of acquiring information at a distance. In it's most basic form, coordinates (sets of numbers) are used to indicate the target, which can be anything and any time --a document to be read, a location, an idea, a person, an object, a society, a result--anything. Upon hearing these coordinates, the viewer draws an ideogram--a line which comes not from the conscious mind, but a deeper part of the self, and which represents an idiosyncratic language that conveys psychic information. Feeling that line gives one mental and physical impressions. These may appear in a stream of consciousness or free association manner. Nouns are set aside to the right side of the page and descriptors are placed to the left (telling the unconscious/subconscious mind you don't want to name it, but describe it). At some point, the viewer becomes aware of having created a virtual reality version of the target that they can interact with. Advanced CRV methods include symbolic pictures, charts, 3D graphs, models, timelines, and a variety of other techniques. The kind and depth of information that can be obtained is virtually limitless.

Other forms of remote viewing include Extended Remote Viewing or ERV (which uses a deeper state of consciousness) and Associative Remote Viewing or ARV (where the target viewed is actually the feedback point, and hard to view information, like a number, is associated with something easy to view, such as a flavor). To work, ARV involves a loop that must be created and maintained. The viewer MUST be given the correct feedback taste or impression that was set up in advance to represent the true target outcome.

CRV comes at psychic information in an opposite direction from ordinary psychic work. Normally, psychics first acquire overall impressions and gradually works down to specifics. Remote viewers, on the other hand, will begin with individual details and gradually work up to overriding themes and concepts. Furthermore, it appears that overt psychic abilities are not required for successful training as a controlled remote viewer. For more information, I recommend going to Lyn Buchanan's site at or to the Bay Area Remote Viewers (to which I belong) website at

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