QUESTION: Are auras real? What do the colors mean?

ANSWER: Although human beings have been shown to have a form of bio-energetic field, this does not appear to be what psychics see as auras. Studies have shown that the auras people see are not physical, but your unconscious mind's way of giving you psychic (and possibly other) information. Why do I say other? Because the unconscious mind is extraordinarily observant. It notices subtle cues and body language and remembers every detail of the past, and may put that information together in a way the conscious mind is incapable of to form a meaningful pattern or message. This gets combined with true psychic input. How the unconscious mind relays that to you in a way the conscious mind can understand it, varies from one person to the next. It can use any of the senses--taste, smell, hearing, touch or sight. Most often auras are "seen" as colors. However, there are psychics who will "taste" this information as flavors, "hear" it as different musical pitches and tones, "smell" it, or "feel" it as changes in their body (most often anomalous healers or psychic medical diagnosticians). It is completely up to your unconscious mind how in communicates, which means that form of communication can vary over time, especially if it wants to broaden your vocabulary. This can actually be useful, as it gives the unconscious mind more flexibility in how to communicate nuances and details to the sometimes-dense conscious mind.

When it comes to the specific meaning of the colors (or patterns) you see in an aura, it is best to think of this as a language developed between you and your unconscious mind. As with dreams, it may include both universal symbols and idiosyncratic elements, unique to you. This means you are ultimately your own best source for figuring out what each color, shade, taste, smell, sound, feeling, or mixture means. However, I find it is often helpful to describe what I am sensing/seeing out loud, and consider what it reminds me of. Sometimes it evokes a memory, or I realize it is a common word phrase, analogy, or metaphor made literal.

Always remember that this is coming from an inner part of YOU. I can assure you that whatever it picks has personal (and sometimes also universal) meaning. It is worthwhile figuring it out. Not only will it give you a source of often-accurate psychic information, but it can also be a doorway to valuable self-insight.

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