QUESTION: What do you believe happens to souls after their physical bodies are gone?

ANSWER: I’ve written whole books about that topic! However, the short answer is that no one knows for sure what happens. However, if the channeled literature,, reincarnation research, and information from past-life hypnotherapy regression sessions are to be believed, the soul continues on in the afterlife on a different, higher, vibrational level. These souls continue through their own development stages as a continuation of the kind of lifespan development we have as living beings. These involve steps such as recognizing they are dead (not as easy as you might think), orienting to the afterlife, moving through levels, recovering, reviewing & judging their recent lives, spiritual work, and, for some, reincarnating. For more information, please read Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? and Handbook to the Afterlife.

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