QUESTION: Am I psychic?

ANSWER: Current data indicate that EVERYONE -- male or female -- has psi abilities. It is similar to any other talent in that some of us are born with a bit more gift than others, and some of us improve our talents with practice and training, while others deny the gift or ignore it. We aren't sure how much psi functions on an everyday basis, as "intuition," "amazing coincidences," "lucky breaks," etc. Research has shown that psi can operate quite effectively on an unconscious level, and often is goal oriented and purposeful even when we aren't consciously aware of that goal.

It should also be added that men and women are equal in their potential for paranormal phenomena and expeiences. This is true whether you look at the formal experimental controlled research, poltergeist agents (as long as the culture is not more sexually repressive of one gender than the other), mediumship, controlled remote viewing. etc. Any illusion of a gender gap is due to culture alone.

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