QUESTION: Why do people develop psychic abilities?

ANSWER: One of the common misconceptions about psi is that people are either born with these abilities or not. Although there may be a certain amount of genetic predisposition for the talent, everyone seems to have the potential for it. Many actually don't develop their gift until their 30s, and it can increase in strength at least into a person's 50s. What I've noticed from my years of work in the field, is that psi always develops for a reason. Sometimes that reason is that everyone else in the family has it, and it gets you more attention and better acceptance. Sometimes psychics come from abusive families, and it develops as a survival skill. It also commonly develops in those who have professionals that put their lives at risk their--including law enforcement, the military, and fire fighters--for the same reason. But there ALWAYS seems to be a reason of some kind. Moreover, what type of ability you develop is not random, but rather tells you something about yourself and what is important to your unconscious mind. Perhaps in part this is why so many parents have a telepathic connection to their children. And in my case, as a doctor, I could plan my night on call before it started because I knew what kind of emergency would come in at what hour of the night. So, if you have these abilities, recognize that what you can do doesn't tell you what your limits really are, only what matters at the moment. If your needs change, often so can your gift.

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