QUESTION: What are some basic do's and don'ts of talking to psychics?

ANSWER: 1. DO your homework. Sound familiar? Yes, it's just as true as if you want to talk to a parapsychologist. I'm sorry to say there are a lot of frauds out there. Anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a psychic, and a lot of people with marginal (or no) talent do exactly that. How can you tell a good psychic from a bad one? There's no easy answer. Even good psychics can have an off day (of course, good ones will often recognize it and tell you so up front and offer to let you reschedule). Sometimes they may not even be "off" in terms of psychic ability, it's just an unrelated piece of information comes in so strongly that it blocks out anything related to the questions the psychic is trying to answer from coming through. Also, the problem can be due to the client, who for whatever reason has a conscious or unconscious wish for the psychic to fail and blocks any information from coming through.

Unlike parapsychologists, there are no membership lists or degrees or even tests that you can check to see whether this person is what they say they are. Your best bet is to rely on word of mouth and a certain amount of common sense. Don't just rely on whether they have written a book or be impressed by a flashing neon sign. Ask around. What's this person's reputation? Does anyone know them? Do they have a criminal record? Does this person sound totally off the wall? Has anyone you know whose judgment you trust gone to this person and had a good experience? It's not always possible to check things out, but you can try.

2. DO understand that different psychics have different strengths. Most good psychics know their own strengths and weaknesses. Some may be good at finding missing persons, others are healers, some can "read" information off of physical items (psychometry), etc. What a psychic is good at reflects what interests them more than anything else. When you talk to a psychic, make sure their abilities match your needs.

3. DO understand that there is an individual, personal level to the process. Working with a psychic requires, at least for an hour, your being able to connect to that person (or allow them to connect to you). Someone who reads well for others may not do a good job for you. It doesn't always relate to how psychic they are that day so much as whether the two of you can establish a rapport. Some clients are easier to read than others. As psychics grow in experience, they tend to get better at connecting to a variety of personalities--but no one bats 100%. A client is more apt to get accurate information if they are open and relaxed.

4. DO remember that even the best psychics are only right about 70-80% of the time. Sure they may occasionally hit one out of the ballpark, but for the most part, remember to take what a psychic tells you with a grain of salt. It may be right. It may not be. Listen to your own gut. What does it tell you? Do their words resonate as truthful? If so, great. Listen. Likewise, maybe you've heard the same thing from all your friends, Aunt Bee and Uncle Harry, but you didn't want to believe it. If so, maybe you should listen to them. But whatever you do, remember that YOU are the one living your life and responsible for your own actions. Consider them well and always make sure your decisions, regardless of the source of information, are truly the right ones for you.

5. DO understand the limits of what psychics can do for you. Psychics can give you impressions. Sometimes they can help you to look at things in a new way. But they can't guarantee that you'll connect with someone who has passed over, and efforts to make the psychic "prove" who they are talking to are more apt to fail than they are to succeed, for a variety of reasons.

6. DO be clear on what they charge. I don't know any psychic who isn't willing to state their fees up front. Make sure that it feels reasonable to you and that you can easily afford it. I have heard some people say psychic abilities are a gift and people shouldn't have to pay anything for reading. I disagree. All psychics donate a certain amount of their work (especially to the police), but people have a tendency to value advice based on what they paid for it. Pay nothing and they feel they don't have to listen to what they were told. This tends to make a psychic feel that they just wasted their time and energy. Why work so hard to pull the information through if it's just going to be ignored? A moderate fee allows psychics to pay their rent and put food on the table and have their work help others.

7. DON'T give the psychic too much information up front. Most real psychics don't want to know too much. This may sound counter-intuitive, but too much information can bias a psychic and make it much harder for them to see to the true heart of the matter. Be nonspecific. You want to know about a recent situation. You would like to see what they can tell you about someone in your life. Be vague--especially at the start of a read. If you want, give us the general category--I want to know about romance, or what can you tell me about my professional life. You can even say, I'm thinking of a question, what's the answer? This is especially good if a "yes" or "no" response will do. I would worry that you are dealing with a fraud or someone who does "cold" (i.e. non-psychic) readings if they want too many details or facts up front. Once you get towards the middle of a psychic reading it's fine to ask detailed questions or confirm what a psychic has said, but DON'T start off that way!

8. DON'T let yourself become a mark for a shyster If at any time someone who claims to be psychic starts asking for big money (or even small regular sums) to remove a curse from you or give you some kind of mumbo jumbo about a black vortex, then RUN. This person is only out to take your money. Don't believe a word they say! If anything, you may want to report them to the police. It's fraud.

9. DON'T give all your power to a psychic. Most good psychics will refuse to give reads to a person more than once or twice a year. Why? Because the things you can pick up as a psychic don't change that often as a general rule. The mistake some people make is to try to get a psychic to make all their decisions for them. You can't do this! Not only does it give away all your power, but nothing says the best course of action for you. Make your own life choices. Don't ask a psychic to tell you what to do.

11. DON'T be rude. Sometimes people come in for a psychic reading (or bring a friend) with a really hostile attitude. This doesn't help anyone. If certainly doesn't help the psychic--who may be distracted by the emotion and unable to focus enough to get the information you've requested. And it doesn't help you if you just spent money on someone who isn't going to be able to do the job you paid them for. This is a lose-lose situation. If you think the person is a fraud, then DON'T go to them. If they are real, then show some courtesy by not making their job an impossible one.

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