QUESTION: How can you deal with unwanted place memory?

ANSWER: As mentioned in an earlier FAQ, place memory is nothing more than an old recording that was made in the past by someone still alive. That's good for you, because it gives you a lot of choices for how to handle it. You have three basic options - none of which require being psychic:
  1. Enjoy it, the same as you would a favorite old movie.
  2. Ignore it. This is easier to do when you recognize that it can't harm you. It's just an old program on reruns.
  3. Erase it. The old pattern can be destroyed by the use of a videotape bulk eraser or strong magnets. Often, redecorating (especially repainting a room) seems to break up an old recording.
  4. Recording over it. I've already mentioned that the dead aren't the only ones who can record impressions. You can do it, too. Have a great party with friends or do something really fun in that spot. Put your impressions there, replacing the old ones.
If you want to know more about place memory, you can read two journal articles I published on the topic. See links under my Publications.

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