QUESTION: How can you get rid of a ghost?

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I like moving spirits onto the light. Sometimes it is a challenge, but mostly I enjoy the opportunity it gives me to be creative. The options are only as limited as your imagination. And you don't have to be in the place as the spirits you are moving on. In fact, sometimes with unpleasant entities it is even an advantage to work from a distance. Remember, time and space do not exist. Here is everywhere. So, there is no reason you can't shift a ghost on working long-distance.

Regardless of which technique you use, you need to do certain things before you start. And I don't care whether you consider yourself psychic or not -- humor me and go through the motions. You might be surprised at how effective they can be even if a person isn't "psychic." So, let's start by listing the things you should ALWAYS do, regardless of what technique you use (this will be familiar to those of you who have read the Psychic Basics fact sheet):
  1. Before you start, surround yourself with white light for protection. This must be a complete sphere that goes all the way around you, without any holes or gaps.
  2. Visualize a gold cord that goes from your root chakra (or your solar plexus, your choice) to the center of the earth to ground you.
  3. Visualize a silver cord from your crown chakra (or your solar plexus) that goes to the highest source of inspiration for those who serve the light.
  4. Take a moment to really feel and enjoy that sense of balance, safety and protection. This can help make it stronger or more solid in your mind. Remember, intention is everything in psi. Believe you are protected and you are.
  5. If you are psychic and have others you are working with who are unable to provide their own protection, take a moment to shield, ground, and balance them. As a psychic, you are responsible for those around you if they cannot take care of themselves. At the very least, imagine them safely encased in white light. This need not take a lot of energy on your part. Simply visualize it and set the intention that the shields be self-maintaining without effort on your part. Also, it's nice is you can add the extras with seeing the cords. The more the people around you are balanced, the easier it will be for you as a psychic to work.
Once you've completed those steps, you can choose how you want to deal with the ghost. Let us look at some possibilities, both for it you have psychic abilities and if you don't. We'll start with the latter.

Techniques Anyone Can Use
There are a number of techniques that anyone can use to get rid of your average ghost, which don't require any particular psychic ability at all. Mostly these revolve around understanding that ghosts are people, too. Even if they're dead people, they still have the beliefs and feelings that they held when alive. So, you can think of them as simply unwanted houseguests. They can leave if they want to. You just have to make them want to. It's about psychology. I've divided the basic options into six categories.
  1. Ask them to leave, explaining that they are dead and it's time to move on. Explain that they need to look around them and listen for spirits who are trying to get their attention to help them into the light. There's nothing wrong with being courteous the first time you ask someone to leave. The newly dead are often confused. They don't understand what's happening to them or why everyone is ignoring them. So, explain it to them kindly. Point out there are those in spirit that are there to help them. In some cases, you may also need to provide reassurance that they aren't going to Hell to burn forever (since if they're afraid of that, there's no way they're going to leave their ghostly existence no matter how bad it is). In the case of family and loved ones who have died, it may also help to let them know they can come back and visit you once they have completed their transitions. The bond of love does not end with death, and they may want to be able to reassure themselves that we are okay.
  2. Tell them to leave. This is a case of being more firm. Sometimes it's just that simple. But say it forcefully, as if you really mean it.
  3. Make the place they're haunting unpleasant to be around. This can involve telling nonstop knock-knock jokes ad nauseum, playing It&'s a Small World After All for hours on end, or doing just about anything else that would drive a normal adult mad. Personally, I think rap music would work well, but I wouldn't be able to stand it long enough to be effective .... Verbal abuse is another method of annoying them out of your house. Someone I know did nothing but harangue the ghost and say horrible things to it for days on end. It left and didn't come back.
  4. Embarrass them out of the house. Believe it or not this works. Laugh at them.
  5. Ask their guides (or yours) to move the spirit on for you. I always figure your guides are their to help you. Furthermore, since it's really not in a ghost's best interest to be stuck as an earth-bound spirit, their guides don't want them to stay, either. So you can call on both your guides and theirs to move the ghost on. Some people do this in prayer.
  6. Use ritual banishing objects, such as candles or incense. This sometimes works, depending in part of the strength of your beliefs and those of the ghost. See the fact sheet on House Cleansing for more about this.
NOTE: It doesn't hurt to be culturally sensitive. I know this may sound odd, but it's smart to do if you want to be really effective at dealing with ghosts. Jewish ghosts, for example, are not apt to be terribly impressed by having a crucifix waved at them. If you know who your ghost is, think about what would or would not impress them and tailor your tactics to their belief system.

Techniques for Psychics
Psychics can use some other techniques in addition to the ones above. Basically, you can think of what you are doing as falling into one of these categories:
  1. You can force them to go (push them out).
  2. You can entice them to the light (pull them towards it).
  3. You can do a mixture of the two (a push-pull).
What makes this fun is that you can be really creative here, no holds barred. Again, it helps to think about psychology. I tend to ask the following questions, using my intuition to scan for the answers.

FIRST: Why are they stuck? Is something holding them back? Often ghosts are afraid of going to the light. This can be as simply as ignorance—they don't realize they CAN go anywhere (either because they don't realize they are dead or simply don't know they have a choice after they die). You may need to explain tot hem what has happened, and, if they lived on the land or in the house before you, that it is no longer their home and it is time for them to move on to continue their journey by moving on to the light. Occasionally they are staying for unfinished business. This can be as simple as being that they just want to say hi or communicate a message before they cross over. Alternatively, they may be worried about those left behind and want to watch over them, not realizing they could do a better job of this if they completed their transitions. However, most of the time it seems to be a fear of moving on, perhaps because the ghost is worried it will end up in Hell or somewhere even worse than it is now. This leads to the next question.

SECOND: What would make it comfortable for them to go? Do they need education? Reassurance? Forgiveness? I ran into one ghost that was a devout Catholic when it died. It had not received absolution and was certain it would be go straight to Hell if it moved on. My solution was to ask a spirit (or angel if you prefer that term) to come from the light in the form of a priest to give the ghost its “last rites” and absolution. Then the two returned together to the light. This leads to an important concept: You can ask for anything you need to come from the light and assist a ghost to move on. The spirits that come can take on any form that they desire. So, if you ask for a ghost's mother or grandfather to come from the light and help them to understand their situation, it may not matter whether that particular original soul has reincarnated or is available, an angel or higher being can take that form with knowledge from the Akashic records. Sometimes, particularly with the ghosts of abused children, it is good to ask for a puppy or kitten to come from the light. The trick is to scan for who or what would be most trusted and reassuring to the ghost. Then have that being or thing come from the light to assist the ghost.

THIRD: Can you make it a happy and enjoyable experience for them to leave? This is something I always try to do. Of course, I’ve occasionally had a ghost have so much fun leaving that it comes back just so it can leave again, but that’s rare. Mostly, it ensures they won’t balk at the last minute and refuse to finish their transition. I will sometimes send child ghosts off on moving rocking chairs, or adults in whatever vehicles they most enjoyed—whether surreys, a Model T, a plane, or a sports car. I like them to not only be comfortable moving on, but happy about it.

Moving Entire Groups
I sometimes get the impression people think that the tunnel of light can only be opened up for one spirit at a time, and you have to move them on individually. Untrue! They can be moved on as a group! Nor does this have to be draining or a lot of work.

When I am dealing with large numbers of  spirits, I will often ask for something like a train to come from the light. Then I'll imagine a spirit conductor (a guide) - or even a number of conductors and other attendants from the light - who can come out and assist passengers onto the train, perhaps even giving out free “lunch boxes” and goodies like balloons or candy to the children. Again, you have to imagine this happening. See it play out in your mind's eye. Often you'll be aware of whether it is working, “see” the ghosts smiling and happy, disappearing into the light with whomever you called to accompany them. If one train isn't enough, you can always bring in more. Similarly, you can imagine a luxury bus, cruise ship, or jumbo jet to take large numbers of spirits back to the light. The main thing is to have it be something that would feel safe for them (if they died in a plane crash, I sure wouldn't expect them to get on another one to go to the light). You are only limited by your imagination (next time I may try a space ship). However, it's not a bad idea to mentally feel in advance out the likelihood of success of different options, I always trust what my instincts say the spirits would respond to best and go with that.

If They Still Won't Leave
Occasionally, I'll run into a spirit that simply won't go. It knows it’s dead (or in rare cases, was never alive). It refuses to be annoyed or enticed away. And what makes it really bad is that some of these sprits really enjoy tormenting  the people they are haunting. I don’t like to use the term evil, but some of these entities come close, and they clearly qualify for the tag "unenlightened." I have three techniques for moving on stubborn spirits, depending on how difficult they are to shift and whether they are really nasty or not. These are:

  1. Ask for angels/guides to come from the light and forcibly move the spirits on. I will sometimes visualize a couple of burly angels picking the ghost up by either arm and carrying them away.
  2. Visualize a sphere of white light encasing the ghost like an impenetrable bubble, then either visualize the bubble, ghost and all, floating into the light or imagine angels/guides moving it into the light. You can, of course, play with this a bit. It doesn't have to be a bubble. It could be a bell jar or anything else that traps the spirit inside and can be moved by you (with or without the help of others) either outside of your room/house or all the way into the light. Personally, I don't see the point much of just putting them outside. Why not get rid of them altogether by having them go to the light? Then they can begin their life-review, re-education, and spiritual development process.
  3. You can surround and encase the being with love, then bundle them up in white light and hand them over to angels/guides to be transported into the light. When I'm dealing with something really nasty that may be powerful, I use quite a bit deeper trance state. Then I focus on sending the entity love. Pure, deep, unconditional love that flows around them like a thick pink blanket. Truly evil beings hate love. They enjoy fear, rage, and anger. In fact just about any negative emotion pleases them. But love is something they simply can't deal with. They shrink away from it. But in this case, they can't, because I have them utterly surrounded by that energy. Then I encase the entire mass in a sphere of white light, making sure to wrap them up tight like a mummy, and hand them over to angels/guides to bear away to the light for re-education. I can't stress enough that if you have any fear you can't do this technique. Your feelings of love for that lost soul must be deep and sincere. But when you can do that, it's an incredibly powerful technique.
Why move spirits on? There are a couple reasons. If you have entities that are saying bad things to you or getting you into trouble you DON'T want to let them stay. Likewise, if you believe in reincarnation, allowing a ghost to remain stuck is really not in its best interest because it keeps them from progressing. So, even if you like their company, I'd recommend encouraging them to finish their transitions. Remember, they can always choose to come back and visit you again from the light. They just won't be earth-bound if they do so.

One last thing. If the spirits are guides you won't be able to get rid of them. This is because they are supposed to be with you. Of course, you should be able to tell the difference between them and a ghost so that you won't want to try to move them to the light. It should be clear from your interactions with spirit guides that they have your best interests at heart and are encouraging you in positive, helpful ways.

After the Spirit Has Been Moved On
Once you've finished moving the entity on to the light you still aren't done. It's time for a bit of cleanup. After all, you don't want to take chances on it or a similar spirit coming back, and some of that energy may hang around for awhile afterwards even though the spirit itself is gone. I think of this cleanup work as involving three stages:
  1. Shielding the person/location that was being haunted. The simplest way of doing this is to visualize white light surrounding the person/place that you evicted the spirit from. This is no different from the ordinary shielding you should be doing regularly as an individual. Make sure that you aren't providing the energy for that shield. Set the intention that it be effortlessly self-maintaining, allowing only those with the highest and best intentions to pass through and blocking out anything negative. Also, if I am dealing with a person/place that has had repeated trouble, I may ask some angels/guides to stand guard and ensure nothing gets through. If you do this, it's a good idea to tell the person or people in the house what you've done so they don't get spooked by these protective guardians (remember, they may be feeling pretty jumpy). Regardless, the idea is to make sure whatever was getting in before cannot come back.
  2. Erasing any negative energy. If the entities were nice ones, you aren't likely to have evicted them, and even if you did there's nothing you need to erase. After all, we all like to be surrounded by love and joy. But if (as is more likely) the spirits were unpleasant ones, it's a good idea to do a bit of “house-cleaning” to get rid of any left-over energy from them. This can be any way that is easy for you to imagine—whether a white tornado, Mr. Clean with a mop, a vacuum cleaner of white light that can suck up any leftovers (and spirits, too, if you wish—just have them trapped in the bag and taken to the light or sucked up a hose into the light), or any other visualization that makes you smile. Make sure the place looks and feels squeaky clean when you finish, with no stray shadows or entities around.
  3. Adding positive energy. I think of this as redecorating. There's an old saying, "Nature abhors a vacuum." So, I don't leave the room/house energy as a blank slate vulnerable for anything to fill it. Instead, I'll "decorate" the place in the astral, adding flowers and teddy bears as appropriate. (Can you tell I often get asked to "clean" the rooms of psychic children?) Also, if you are doing the work late at night and people need to be able to sleep soon in that house, keep the energy you put in nice and gentle. There's no point buzzing them to the point that they won't be able to get any sleep. Think soft, pink, love energy. NOTE: You can do this even if you aren't psychic by putting real flowers or live plants in a room or using a nice incense. Mickaharic's book on spiritual cleansing is full of such techniques that anyone can use to shift the energy of a place.

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