QUESTION: What is place memory?


Living people release energy, especially when experiencing a traumatic or emotional event. This energy can be recorded by the environment. Some people, who are sensitive to this information, can then pick up on, read these impressions of past events and feelings which have been stored in objects, buildings, and the environment.

Place memory is an old recording. It can't react, or interact with you, the way a ghost can. There is no consciousness involved. However, it's critical to understand that that place memory is made by the living. And that means that you person who created it could still be alive and well, living in Cinncinatti. It cannot be created by the dead (although I did find one case where they used that place memory as a kind of energy store they could draw on).

Perhaps the easiest way to think of it is as a case where the environment acts like a camcorder. If the conditions are right (involving sufficient repetition, environmental factors, and/or really strong emotions), then events can get recorded. People sensitive to this information (like psychics) can later play back what was recorded, like with psychometry. In these cases, there is no ghost, simply an old rerun of the past. It won't interact with you and the story always remains the same one. Not a lot is known about the actual way place memory is stored, but the recordings themselves seem to have an electromagnetic component.

So, what can you do about it? It's your choice. You have three options:

  1. Enjoy it, the same as you would a favorite old movie.
  2. Ignore it. This is easier to do when you recognize that it can't harm you. It's just an old program on reruns.
  3. Erase it. The old pattern can be destroyed by the use of a videotape bulk eraser or strong magnets. Often, redecorating (especially repainting a room) seems to break up an old recording.
  4. Recording over it. I've already mentioned that the dead aren't the only ones who can record impressions. You can do it, too. Have a great party with friends or do something really fun in that spot. Put your impressions there, replacing the old ones.
If you want to know more about place memory, you can read two journal articles I published on the topic in the PDF gallery.

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