QUESTION: Can animals become ghosts? What should I do about them, if anything?

ANSWER: I've seen and felt animal ghosts, including cats, dogs, and horses. They can haunt a place, whether as place memory (old recordings or residual energy imprints) or as interactive spirits. Many of these spirits seem to continue their daily routines (jumping up on beds or trotting around their favorite locales), which could be either place memory or ghost activity. However, that at least some of these animal spirits are consciously aware would seem to be suggested by parapsychology experiments with small toys placed around a room haunted by a cat. The room was sealed. But when investigators returned, the toys had been moved around the room, like they had been batted about by the ghost cat. (Note: This still is not a proof a ghost cat was responsible since there is no way to guarantee the experimenters did not use their own mind-matter abilities to toss the toys about.)

My own belief is that some (and possibly all) animal's personalities can survive death. This seems to be particularly true for pets, who may visit their owners in dreams or as ghosts, or wait for them until their owners die. Many who die have reported (through channeled material) seeing well-loved pets as part of the welcoming committe that greets them to the other side. There appear to be some lovely places in the afterlife for spirits to play and roam while they are waiting for their loved ones to join them.

Why do some animals become ghosts? Probably for the same reasons that people do. The desire to be with, and comfort, loved ones. Unfinished business. Possessiveness of their territory or belongings. Confusion. I'm happy to say that I don't see ghost animals very often. I think that spirit guides bring as many over to the light as they can. However, as with people, some animals may be afraid, unwilling, or (for whatever reason) unable to finish their transitions and become stuck in that in-between state of a ghost. Being stuck as a ghost is not a good thing for animals any more than it is for people. Since most can't see them or play with them, they get lonely. And there's no way to reincarnate, as I've heard some do to be with their last owners or other loved ones. Although some animal souls may choose to re-merge with a kind of group soul energy, others grow and develop spiritually as individual beings. The kindest thing is to move them on so that they can take whatever option they prefer.

If you think you have an animal ghost, and not just the place memory of one, then you can use the same basic techniques as you would to move on human ghosts. Your explanations may be simpler and you may want to focus more on visuals than words (seeing them playing joyfully with others in a delightful place or other appealing images), but the basic concepts are the same. Comfort. Reassuance. Orientation. Visualize the Light opening up. Finally, have companions to come from the light to help them move on. You don't need to be specific, either, in terms of the guides you want to come for them. You can simply ask that whomever or whatever is best or most appropriate be that which comes from the light to help them cross over. This can be any kind, gentle, and loving spirit--whether human or animal, owner or stranger.

I'll say this again, because it's an important concept. Moving spirits on does not require micro-management. You don't have to be specific when asking for others to come from the light to get lost souls, even with people. Just ask that the best possible being come from the light -- whomever or whatever that might be -- and get it. What is best for one ghost (a well-loved pet) is not going to be best for another (an animal abused by people).

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