QUESTION: What do you think of of newfound interest in amateur ghost hunting?

ANSWER: It reminds me of what was going on in the late 1800s with Spiritualism. Everyone was doing séances. And although there was a lot of fraud, it was also fertile ground for the field of parapsychology to develop, if only for debunking. So, even as I applaud the enthusiasm and interest of amateur ghost hunters and desperately hope it transforms into a thirst to learn about the research and come into the field, I worry about the kind of backlash seen in the early 1900s as a result of people realizing that they’d been suckered. There are some paranormal shows out there that are faking things. In their minds, it's entertainment. It's not meant to be taken as real. However, that's not how most audiences feel--they believe it’s all real, not just some of it. They could feel betrayed should they find out the truth, which has the potential to turn folks completely off the entire field. My hope is that folks turn their interest into learning about the real research that’s been done, and bring their energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, and talents into the field. We'd love to have them join the fray!

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