QUESTION: What are the educational, requirements for this job? What other types of credentials or licenses are required? What types of training do companies offer persons entering this field? Is graduate school recommended?

ANSWER: I wish there were more requirements for the job! No credentials or licenses are required (other than the home business license I have for being a writer). At the very least, I think you need to have read at least some of the research and belong to the Parapsychological Association.

It's very difficult to get formal training in the field. All of the current postgraduate programs are in Europe--although there is an online master and doctorate program available now from Covington University in the U.K. However, that said, I think a formal education in parapsychology really worth pursuing if you can do so. A graduate program is wonderful because it gives you a far better understanding of how to interpret and perform research and a better rounded education. What I've noticed with those who only have degrees in other fields, is that they only read those parapsychological topics that interest them--NOT the entire field. So, they have gaps in their knowledge.

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