QUESTION: What social obligations go along with a job in your occupation? Are there organizations you are expected to join or other things you are expected to do outside work hours?

ANSWER: From its inception, parapsychology has drawn together scientists from a wide range of fields-- biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and many others. Each brings different knowledge and a fresh perspective to parapsychology. So, by working together we have a better chance of figuring out how best to approach various topics and ways to interpret any results. Because of this, networking is critical. Much of it is done over the internet, but it helps keep experimenters aware of the research each others are doing, provides emotionally and intellectual support, not only in designing more rigorous and interesting studies, but also in their interpretation.

There are no required organizations, but most belong to the international Parapsychological Association.

There is no such thing as "inside" work hours. It can be a 24 hour job, in the sense that you deal with things at all hours of the night. Haunting investigations, in particular, are more apt to occur at night not because spirits are more active then but because it's easier to get access to locations when their regular clients or staff are gone.

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