QUESTION: What particular skills or talents are most essential for your job? Are there organizations you are expected to join or other things you are expected to do outside work hours?

ANSWER: There are a couple things that are important. First off, you have to be curious, to want to figure things out or explore this mysterious set of phenomena that scientists so often would rather ignore or sweep under the rug. Perhaps because of that, most, if not all, parapsychologists love science fiction. In addition to being open to possibilities and having a sense of wonder, you also need to have a certain amount of skepticism or grounding in reality. It's not necessary to be particularly "psychic" or to have had experiences of your own, but that a mindset of being open yet critically minded is an absolute must.

It's a good idea for multiple reasons to belong to the Parapsychological Association (PA). It is, beyond a doubt, THE organization for a parapsychologist to belong to. It's international, too, which gives you a way to get to know your colleagues and what lines of research are going on. Being a recognized member of the PA also means you have published in the field and are recognized as being a legitimate investigator with academic training and research experience.

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