QUESTION:How do you make use of technology?

ANSWER: There are two ways in which technology can be useful: for research and communication. Technology for research has included everything from lasers and computers for formal ESP and mind-matter research, to radios, electronics and audio/video recorders for voice phenomena survival research, and environmental sensors, such as thermal imaging and devices measuring electromagnetic fields for haunting investigations. Computers, in particular, with their ability to run pseudorandom number generated events programs quickly and with entertaining feedback have been particularly useful. In addition, technology that can measure physiological reactions, such as galvanic skin response, heart rate, EEGs, fMRIs, CAT scans, and even video montitoring and measurement of pupil size are used for many current studies.

Secondly, technology is a critial tool for modern networking and communication, both between parapsychological colleagues (of whom there are only about 400 spread out around the world) and between parapsychologists and those looking for help, information, and assistance. I use the internet to field questions, provide general information and support, get business (for media appearances and speaking engagements) and to sell my books. I have a number of websites and constantly check my email to stay into communication. We're talking about streaming the next Parapsychological Association meeting live from Paris and doing tweets to let folks know about the latest research being presented. I think it's a great idea. Best of all, it allows us to have an online parapsychology that is available to ANYONE around the work, which contains nearly every major parapsychology journal in text searchable format from the late 1800s to today. This means we can see for ourselves what work has been done before us and build on that. Before the online library, with limited access to the research, there were many cases of "reinventing the wheel" because experimenters didn't realize those questions had been looked at and answers. And while a certain amount of replication is beneficial, you want it to be deliberate, not because you didn't know any better. So, in many ways, technology is revolutionizing parapsychology and it promises hope of great advancements.

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