QUESTION: What is your job like?

ANSWER: Mostly, I'm a writer, so 95% of my average day is spent at the computer. I do a lot of reading and research using online libraries as well as printed books. I not only deal with producing articles and books, but also copy-editing, interviews, blogs, talks, and other promotional activities. I am my own webmaster, so I put time into websites not only for myself as an author, but also for each of my books. In terms of unpaid work, I also answer emails from those experiencing hauntings or psychic openings, counsel the dead (it's a bit like being a therapist except your clients don't have bodies), and help spirits finish their transitions to the afterlife. It gets busiest when I have copy-edits to review because you work on a deadline. The other part of my time may be spent out in the field doing investigations, counseling people, and networking with colleagues.

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