QUESTION: What made you decide to get a degree in parapsychology? And how did your family feel about it?

ANSWER: I was having psychic experiences as an Anesthesiologist—such as, knowing in advance what kind of emergency cases I was going to do and at what hour of the night. This went on for months. I finally went to a psychic—a real one—and he confirmed that it wasn’t my imagination, I wasn't going crasy, I really was psychic. He then proceeded to give me an amazing read—things I whole heartedly didn’t believe at the time, which didn’t come true for over a decade. I tested my abilities, but they seemed to be consistent and repeatable. So, I wanted to understand myself and why I could do these things that science said were impossible. I started off by getting training under a Spiritualist Anomalous Healer. Then, I spent a few years meditating regularly…but I still knew there had to be more. When I read Loyd Auerbach’s book “ESP, Hauntings, and Poltergeists: A Parapsychologist’s Handbook,” I knew that was it. I tracked down the only school in the United States where you could (at that time) get a doctorate in Parapsychology and enrolled.

I was really surprised how my family felt about it. I worried about telling them and held back for awhile. But when I did, my mother simply shrugged and told me my grandfather had been a famous lay healer, whom doctors would come from miles around to see because they couldn’t figure out how he could do what he did. So, she thought it was all perfectly normal. My father got into meditation in his 80s. He never told me exactly how he felt about parapsychology, but he didn't discourage it, asked questions, and read everything he wrote, even all 650 pages of my dry and boring dissertation.

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