QUESTION: Where can I read more about parapsychology?

ANSWER: If you want to learn parapsychology on your own, there are a number of sources that I highly recommend. I will divide them up by category:

General Parapsychology Books:

  • For general parapsychology, try to find an out-of-print copy of Benjamin B. Wolman's Handbook of Parapsychology. Although published in 1976, it is still an excellent source of information.
  • Psychic Exploration, edited by Edgar D. Mitchell is another good, if dated, basic textbook on parapsychology. To be honest, I prefer Wolman's book, but this is a nice second source to have. Published in 1974, it is now out-of-print, but copies are not hard to find.

ESP Books:

  • The Conscious Universe by Dean Radin is an entertaining read that includes an excellent summary of ESP research.
  • Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in an Quantum Reality by Dean Radin mentions a broader range of research, but goes into less detail than his earlier book. Nonetheless, this book is one anyone interested in psi should read, as it details a whole new theory of psi based on quantum entanglement. If true, it has fascinating implications. Dean has sometimes been called the "Einstein of Parapsychology," and there is no doubt that he is one of the leading lights in the field.

Mind-Matter Interaction Books:

  • Mind-Matter Interaction: Historical Reports, Research and Firsthand Accounts by Pamela Heath (available this summer from McFarland) is the only book that has all of the MMI research up to 2009 in one place. Moreover, it also talks about people's experiences and a bit about
    learning how to do PK yourself.
  • The Metal Benders by John Hasted is a personal favorite of mine that talks about a series of experiments done with a number of children metal-benders. This is a tough book to find, because once someone gets it they are unlikely to let it go. It includes photographs taken of wire sculptures created inside glass globes, through which there was only an opening big enough to insert one straightened paper clip at a time.
  • Miracles: A Scientific Exploration of Wonderous Phenomena by D. Scott Rogo is another personal favorite of mine. Rogo was a devout Catholic in addition to being a parapsychologist. Because of this, he looks at miracles from a different viewpoint than most who discuss the topic. An older version of the same book is called Miracles, a Parascientific Inquiry into Wondrous Phenomena. It is quite a good read.

Survival of Bodily Death Books:
  • Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources by Jon Klimo is THE classic book on mental mediumship and channeling.
  • The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death by Gary E. Schwartz details some fascinating controlled experiments that were performed with the assistance of a number of professional mediums, including John Edward and Suzane Northrop.
  • Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation: Second Edition by Ian Stevenson is a classic work in the field. In it, he carefully analyzes the cases of young children living in isolated parts of the world, who can not only speak languages they were never exposed to this lifetime, but also have knowledge of people, places, and events that appear to be associated with an earlier lifetime. Everyone should read this book.
  • Phone Calls from the Dead by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless is another personal favorite of mine, which discusses a number of reports of phone calls that appear to have been made by the dead to the living. Although long out of print, a number of copies are still available. Almost any book by D. Scott Rogo is a good read.
  • A Paranormal Casebook by Loyd Auerbach includes a nice mix of cases and how they can be investigated.
  • ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists: A Parapsychologist's Handbook by Loyd Auerbach is still the classic work in the field, called by Time Magazine the "Bible of ghostbusting." The original book is out of print, but it is still available as an e-book from Loyd's website. This is the book that got me into the field of parapsychology. I highly recommend it.

  • This is the website for the Parapsychological Association. As such, it is simply one of the best resources on parapsychology on the internet. If you want to know if someone really is a parapsychologist, and not just a wanna-be, this is the place to look. They list all their members (including a few dead ones) and have links to many other resources.
  • This is the Chi Lit Base, an amazing online database of parapsychology journals. For a fee you can have full searchable access to every journal ever published by the Journal of Parapsychology, the European Journal of Parapsychology, the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, and the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, from their earliest issue on. This is an incredible resource. I'd encourage everyone to take advantage of it, as even non-subscribers can access some limited material.
  • This is a website from Loyd that, for a fee, offers podcasts and mp3 talks related to parapsychology.
  • This is parapsychologist and aerospace engineer Jack Houck's website, which has some nice articles on spoon bending and other topics.

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